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I figured it’s about time I share my Photoshop brushes! They’re not anything special but perhaps they’ll come in handy for someone out there. I made these in Photoshop CS5, so I don’t know if they’ll work with any older versions. Use them and abuse them as much as you want, I don’t really care. Credit isn’t necessary.
Anyway! Here are some brush blurbs!
Hard round: I use this for sketching, flat colouring and celshading. It’s pretty versatile and my go-to brush for crap doodles and whatnot
Variable opacity/Watercolour: I use these a lot too; they’re super nice if you want things to look ‘painty’ but still retain hard edges. They also work as inking brushes at 4 or 5 pixels, and turning the opacity and flow down makes them especially good blenders
Pencil: I like using this one for more textured things. It’s an all around type of brush and it’s possible to make entire paintings using it by itself.
Dry brush: This is a modified version of one of *dierat's oil brushes! It's a fun blender and texture brush.
Paint strokes: OKAY this is the brush I used in this, this, and this. The scattering makes it a little annoying at times but it can produce some gnarly stuff with enough experimentation.
Speckle: This brush is fun to throw around once you’re done with a painting (see the links above), and it doubles as a skin texture/freckle thing!

Have fun, kids! If you use them I’d like to see what you do!

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